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Durable and sturdy

The materials used are sturdy and durable with better quality as it is manufactured in a factory. Manufacturing in a factory can have better quality control. The walls used have better insulation for sound and results in less cracks on the wall. The structure used has the same strength as the conventional methods of constructing a structure.


A more eco-friendly house is being built with every Cetak Rumah house.This is due to the reduction in building waste on site and less noise pollution to the surroundings due to shorter construction time.

Fast and efficient

The use of panels makes the construction of houses much faster than the construction of conventional houses. In addition to time efficiency, the materials used are also more efficient because they are made in a standardized factory, this reduces material damage during the construction process.

The ideal ROI

With Cetak Rumah, the cost of maintaining your house will be lesser than a conventionally built house. You can build your house for rental or retail space faster and start generating revenue as soon as it is completed.

We create truly unique housing

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What others have to say about our work.

"I was quite nervous to go with Cetak Rumah at first because prefab houses are not that common here but the results exceeded my expectations, I am very pleased. Big thank you to the Cetak Rumah team!"

Mr. Adika Azhfari

"The Cetak Rumah team are fantastic. Even after the build was complete, they have been a pleasure to deal with – committed to making sure my family and I are happy with our home."

Ms. Kristiyana

"I decided to choose Cetak Rumah when building my house because of the expedited process of construction, the high quality of materials used and the overall build quality, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a reliable developer."

Mr. Angga Putra